Thursday, June 14, 2018

ANS -- a short note on innovation in states

This was on Facebook.  I wanted to show it to you because I hadn't realized before why the Republicans are not letting cities up the minimum wage and other things like that.  Here is the reason, and I'm sure it must be done with great intention -- part of that plan they hired think tanks to come up with.  If only the liberals could be this intentional and follow through too.  

In red states, one of the ways the Republicans keep the Democrats down is by making it illegal to test out new policies at the municipal level. In Indiana, cities can't raise the minimum wage and need to pass a referendum to lift taxes to gives schools a boost. How can you demonstrate your credibility to the working people of your state if you can't actually do anything for them locally? Why should people in red states get excited about Dem candidates for state legislature when the statehouses are monstrously lopsided and even the election of 10 or 15 more Dems wouldn't change that?

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