Sunday, June 15, 2008

Gitmo - Constitutional Justice ?

The Supreme Court ruled that detainees at Guantanamo Naval Base Detention center had a right to have their cases reviewed by a federal judge with legal assitance from an attorney representing them. The administration of George Bush and Presumtive GOP Presidential Candidate, John McCain immediatly objected to the ruling. They claim as did the dissenting minority of the court that it will cause more Americans to die at the hands of future terrorists.

The New york Times and other corporate media outlets quickly chimmed in characterizing the ruling as a historical reaction to the aggression of he the current president.

What the New York Times, and other corporate media outlets did not mention as the Majority Opinion made clear is that the so called "War on Terror", is unlike it's predicessors a war without end. If the court were to allow the President on his own descretion to continue the rendition and detention policies as they are the idea of " habeas corpus" as enshrined in the US constitution would be obliterated.

SCOTUS could not do that.

The News media have a constitutional right and DUTY to accurately inform the puplic of the truth of important political events affecting the contry's citizens. In this case thye failed miserably to do this.