Sunday, May 13, 2018

This was on FaceBook. It's from Robert Reich.  Read it.  Why are the Dems silent?  If they would just listen to George Lakoff, they would have some idea what to say.  

Robert Reich
5 hrs · 

This morning I phoned my friend, the former Republican member of Congress.

He (laughing): Shall I reserve a seat for you in Oslo?

Me: No way Trump gets the Peace Prize.

He: What if Kim gets rid of his whole damn nuke program because Trump scared the sh*t out of him?

Me: Even if Trump becomes Pope, it won't stop the blue wave.

He: Be careful, my friend. Trump's approvals are rising.

Me: Yeah, from the sewer to a toilet. He's gonna be a huge problem for Republicans this fall.

He: Let me tell you something. Voters aren't hearing a damn thing from the Dems. Nada. Zilch. If your party thinks it can win by sitting on their duffs and spouting anti-Trump crapola, they're wrong. You think average Joe and Jane really think Dems are standing up for them? (He laughs.) Pelosi and Schumer? Give me a break.

Me: Doesn't matter. We flip 24 seats, we retake the House. And 23 Republicans are trying to defend seats where Hillary won. Should be a cinch.

He: Don't bet on it. And you can forget the Senate.

Me: Whatever, Trump won't make it to 2020. If Mueller doesn't skewer him, the Stormy Daniels stuff will.

He: You still don't get it. Mueller and Stormy won't lay a glove on him, and I'll tell you why. He's a jerk but he's shaking things up, and voters like that. Every time he takes a dump on somebody important, they cheer. Whenever he skewers another sacred cow, they applaud. The more offensive he is, the more people say "this guy is real." Doesn't matter what Mueller finds or what a porn star says. Trump is Teflon.

Me: Whatever happened to your prediction that the GOP would dessert him once they got their tax bill enacted?

He: I wasn't paying attention to the Trump coalition.

Me: What coalition?

He: Trump has pulled together the white working class and the moneyed interests of America. No one thought it possible. It's the new Republican Party. Racist, anti-foreigner, deregulation, tax cuts. Reagan on steroids. Unbeatable. If he wants a second term, he gets it.

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