Friday, August 02, 2013

ANS -- Power Shift 2013: Launching our resistance

This is just to let you know another thing that is happening.  America may be waking up.  I hope so.  This meeting of young people advocating for the environment is heartening. 
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[] June 12, 2013

Power Shift 2013: Launching our resistance

Maura Cowley, Executive Director, Energy Action Coalition

[] We are the generation that occupied Wall Street, Sandy, and Tahrir Square. We dyed Facebook red in support of marriage equality. We've turned out in record numbers to every election we've been allowed to vote in, and elected President Barack Obama – twice.

We have shut down hundreds of coal plants and kept countless more from being built, while leading the charge to create a green economy in our communities. We have put our fists in the air and our bodies on the line to fight Keystone XL, fracking, and mountaintop removal ­ and we're willing to do it again.

But we have much more work to do. As you read this, more wells are being fracked, sirens blare across Appalachia as coal companies blow the tops off mountains, and somewhere on Capitol Hill an industry lobbyist with fat pockets is selling out our future for quick profits.

This Fall at Power Shift 2013 we draw a line in the sand and say no more. Register now and join us!

From October 18th-21st, more than ten thousand youth leaders from every walk of life ­ college students, young environmental justice leaders, DREAMers, young people of faith, young workers ­ will come together in Pittsburgh, PA to train, build, and launch our resistance.

And Power Shift 2013 is just the beginning.
Power Shift 2013 will launch hundreds of sustained campaigns and mass actions to demand climate justice. Together, our voices will unite in a drumbeat calling for change that will not be ignored.

Register today for Power Shift 2013:

Power Shift 2013 is our opportunity to come together and shift ENTIRELY AWAY from fossil fuels and TOWARD local clean energy solutions. Our movement has done the impossible before ­ from divesting our schools from fossil fuels, to banning fracking in our communities ­ and now is the time to come together and do the impossible again.

See you in Pittsburgh!

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