Wednesday, July 25, 2018

ANS -- The Trade War

I got this on FaceBook, from Sheila.  It's really good -- tells it like it is.  Read it.  
don't know where to find it.  

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First, he started a trade war.

He had no idea what he was doing, but he started a trade war anyway, all while declaring that it wasn't a trade war.

Guess what? It's a trade war.

And given where things are made nowadays, the ONLY country that CAN'T win a trade war is the United States. It's not the 1950s, folks. We don't make stuff, we buy stuff. And American business has no one to blame but themselves. They've been sending manufacturing overseas for 40 years. They didn't want to pay American workers a living wage. They didn't want to give benefits to American workers. They didn't want to pay American taxes. They didn't want to do their duty to the American Republic. They didn't want to make things in the United States, but they sure loved calling themselves Americans, benefiting from all the things America provides, and trading on America's name. This is the result. Right here. When you don't make anything, you've got nothing to win a trade war WITH.

What's that?

We make money?

Yeah. About that. For a while our wealth could prop up this imbalance. But here's the problem, all that money, decades worth, OUR money, spun up the economies in the rest of the world. Asia is booming. They're a huge market. And manufacturing economies like China are NO LONGER dependent on our money -- and when we drive them away from the US, they easily shift elsewhere, and then THEIR brands become household names in those economies and not ours.

Hell, we don't even make ideas anymore. We outsourced that too.

We hired people overseas to come up with new ideas, to flesh out the concepts, to write the code, to do the tech support.

It didn't happen all at once, but little by little, we empowered those nations.

And within a few decades, we become a backwater, left behind.

This has happened before, you know. There are plenty of historical examples. And we now find ourselves at the mercy of the very Third World countries we hold in contempt.

Here's the really ironic part: Conservatives are terrified of "communism," where government control the means of production ... meanwhile, the result of four decades of outsourcing and offshoring in the pursuit of ever higher profit has effectively moved production completely outside of American control altogether.

It's a trade war. And we're losing. Because we've got nothing to trade that our adversaries can't get elsewhere for less or make for themselves.

We did that.

Trump is a product of the very modern business mindset that created this situation, that values profit above all and ONLY profit.

So long as he gets rich, so long as the rich get richer, the rest of the country can burn.

It's not like they've made a secret of this.

His bluster and clumsy ill-conceived trade war blew up in his face, so he then blamed Americans like Harley-Davidson for not toughing out HIS blunder. He literally expected that others bear the cost, to the tune of billions, for his mistakes -- and if you've been paying attention, this should be no surprise. This IS the mindset of American business. Pollute the rivers, somebody else will clean it up. Poison the population, somebody else will clean it up. Destroy the economy via bad investments, junk bonds, mortgage scams, ponzi schemes? Somebody else will clean it up. And that somebody else is ALWAYS you and me. And that's EXACTLY what Trump expects here. He screwed up, that's okay, WE will have to bail him out. Companies like Harley-Davidson will have to bail him out. You lose your job, your home, your retirement, your savings, your healthcare, that's just the price you pay so rich people like Ivanka Trump can make her shitty handbags for cheap. You lost your life savings because you got scammed by Trump University? Caveat Emptor, sucker.

Then he blamed everybody else.

Because that too is the modern American businessman, never, ever, ever, take responsibility for your own mistakes. Somebody else will clean it up.

So, NOW, he's taking $12 BILLION of YOUR money to bribe his victims. He's going to pay off American farmers with YOUR money for his mistake just like he paid off those porn stars.

Trump is running America EXACTLY as he said he would.

Yes he is.

That's the ONE thing he told the truth about.

He's running America exactly as he runs his business. He never has to pay for his mistakes.

HE profits. YOU get screwed.

He makes the mess, you get to clean it up.

And I don't know why this would be surprise to anybody.

I warned you son of bitches. I did.

A lot of us warned you this, exactly this, would happen.

If you elect a businessman, you are going to get the business. And you're gonna get it good and hard.

Every. Single. Time.

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