Monday, June 12, 2017

ANS -- The Age of Anger

This is for the more intellectual among you.  It is a bit hard to real -- both for its stodgy, academic writing style and its depressing message.  but it has some interesting ideas.  Once again, of course, there is no suggested solution presented.  
The gist of the messaage is this: "The dispossessed grasp the true message of the West to the rest of the planet: We have everything, and if you try to take it away from us we will kill you."
And this : "Donald Trump, given the political, economic and cultural destruction carried out by neoliberalism, is not an aberration. He is the result of a market society and capitalist democracy that has ceased to function. An angry and alienated underclass, now making up as much as half the population of the United States, is entranced by electronic hallucinations that take the place of literacy. These Americans take a perverse and almost diabolical delight in demagogues such as Trump that express contempt for and openly flout the traditional rules and rituals of a power structure that preys upon them."

The Age of Anger

Posted on Jun 11, 2017

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