Tuesday, February 02, 2016

ANS -- Hillary Clinton’s emails reveal evidence that George W. Bush committed treason

Here is an article, and the first few comments for spice, about even MORE evidence that Bush committed treason by knowingly lying us into the Iraq war.  The previous evidence didn't get anything done about it -- do you think this will?

Hillary Clinton's emails reveal evidence that George W. Bush committed treason

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Republicans have forced Hillary Clinton release all the emails from her time as Secretary of State in the hopes that somewhere in amongst them might be something they could turn into a scandal and derail her campaign for President. That never materialized, as her emails have been mundane. But it turns out she inherited emails from her predecessor Colin Powell. And that email trail reveals that George W. Bush committed treason.

The secret emails in question date back to 2002. Colin Powell and George W. Bush are shown to have been conspiring to work with British Prime Minister Tony Blair to mislead the American public into believing that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, as a pretense for tricking the nation into supporting an invasion of Iraq. It's been long established that there never were any such weapons in Iraq, but to some extent the Bush administration had the deniability of claiming that it had made an error. However this email trail suggests that Bush, Powell and Blair spent an entire year laying the groundwork for deceiving the public. Lying to congress in order to get it to approve a war is considered treason.

Whether or not the email trail is solid enough evidence to get anyone convicted of a crime, it's certainly enough to lead Americans to conclude that the Iraq war was even more of a sham than previously believed. This email exchange might never have surfaced if not for the fact that the republican party forced Hillary Clinton to turn over everything she had. So while the republicans have failed to do any serious damage to Clinton's chances, they may have just made it that much harder for any 2016 republican candidate to explain away their party's culpability in Iraq.

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How could the e-mails on her private server have any Bush e-mails. People will believe anything.

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Dear No So Bright! The email was from Colin about Bush.

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It was "inherited" - somehow. It doesn't sound like she received any letters from Colin Powell about Bush - but perhaps email correspondence between Bush and Powell was left on the server? It is not clear at all how this occurred. and I think you should not call anyone not so bright if you can't explain it wither other than denigrating someone else. The fact is this article did not explain how it got there, so maybe we shouldn't be speculating about it nor blaming anyone.

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Apparently you didn't read the article since it explained why. Perhaps you should reread it. This time for comprehension.

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I'm guessing you were part of the process of going though her emails? That's right, you were not and just as ignorant as everyone else thinking she is a liar.

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"Bush did it" is just a distraction from real criminality.

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Killing 5,000 American soldiers for nothing is not criminal? Invading and occupying a country that did nothing to us is not criminal ? Lying to the American people, and our soldiers, to start a war based on lies, is not criminal ? Torture is not criminal ? A few hundred thousand innocent Iraq'es dead for nothing is not criminal ? Trillions flushed down the drain for a war based on lies is not criminal? Making the tax payers, pay for a fake, very deadly war is not criminal ? Hundreds of thousands of injured people,because of lies, many with limbs missing, many with brain damage is not criminal? Our invasion of Iraq is the reason for ISIS and the mess of the middle east that Bush created. Bush,Cheney,Rumsfeld and Rice should have all been hung for treason Distraction? cut me a fu@king break. Tell me what Obama and Hillary Clinton have done that is anywhere near as bad as what GW Bush did to the American people, our country and the entire middle east.

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Let's first touch on the original story! So far the US has found over 5,500 chemical and biological weapons in Iraq! Sadly our military keeps things secret and no one knew until the human rights organization watching their destruction came out about it. We also have unknown numbers of Vets who came in contact with both chemical and biological. Unless you can't believe it because you are a liberal I won't be able to make you believe it. But you we have hundreds of stories about it in the New York Times and other media's. We also have the human rights organization the media posted their findings!

Now for the email! If you are a federal worker you understand it is illegal to use email for anything above confidential! The regulations was passed in 2008. I wanted them to go a step further and see if they are using regular cell phones issued by the government because they are not encrypted for voice transmission. When we use telephones for confidential and above we are supposed to use land lines because it's easy to pick up cell transmission!

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You find all sorts of things in the dump. Which is where those things were found. The Iraqis had long disposed of their WMD by burying them- because they couldn't burn them (a hazardous and demanding process that only the US and Russia could do) and had deteriorated to the point where they were dangerous and had to be disposed of.

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