Friday, June 06, 2014

ANS - Fwd: News Flash: They talked about solutions

Hi -- I don't usually forward these kinds of things, but I missed this (probably because I was at work) on the news, and just want to make sure you all didn't miss it too. 


Friends of Democracy  

Dear Friend of Democracy,

Something unique happened this week in Washington: they actually had a real conversation about big solutions to the money in politics problem.

The reason was the Senate Judiciary Committee held a high profile hearing on a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, the decision that allows corporate spending in elections. You can read more about the amendment here, but in short, it restores authority to Congress and the states to regulate and limit the raising and spending of money for political campaigns.

There was an overflow crowd, with both Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell testifying.

In fact, McConnell claimed that the proposed amendment would curb free speech. This hasn't always been his position. It should come as no surprise that his views on raising big money in politics have changed precisely in step with how much power he has gained in Washington. 

There will be a vote on this amendment this fall on the Senate floor. We will let you know when there are more developments and we hope you will pay close attention to what your Senator has to say on the matter!

Thank you!

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