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Re: ANS -- addendum on Snowden

hi everybody -- One of the people on my list replied to this email, and here is my answer.  But I thought about it and I think you all should see it too.  I have two notes here -- one just below this, and one under the list of articles. 

Kiki -- Actually, I am feeling optimistic about the world at the moment.  Two things came together to make me feel that way.  First, the book I am reading, which I strongly suggest you read:  What Then Must We Do? , by Gar Alperovitz, and second, the confluence of these articles that were in an email yesterday: 

Thursday, 4 July 2013

t r u t h o u t


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William Rivers Pitt | To Be We the People Once Again

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout:
'We the People' still throw considerable weight around this joint, if we choose to. A great many powerful entities have bewitched us into doubting, or even forgetting, this simple truth, but it is the truth.

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An Autogestión Alternative to Austerity: Occupy, Resist, Produce!

James Anderson, Truthout:
Inspired by the Brazilian Landless Workers Movement slogan, "Occupy, Resist, Produce!" workers at the Viomichaniki Metalleutiki factory in Thessaloniki, Greece are attempting the collective takeover and management of their factory.

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Can Union Co-ops Help Save Democracy?

John Clay, Democratic Promise:
A new wave of cooperatives is emerging in the US, and a big part of the inspiration is coming from what might seem an unlikely source: the United Steelworkers International Union (USW).

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Banking on the Public: Going Postal, North Dakota and Other Finance Alternatives

Abby Scher, Dollars & Sense:
Hundreds of people gathered north of San Francisco in early June at the 'Public Banking 2013: Funding the New Economy' conference to discuss the idea of a North Dakota-style public bank.

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July 4 in Our Generation: Declaring Independence From Corporate Domination

Staff, The Shalom Center:
To celebrate the 4th of July, the Shalom Center puts forward a new "Declaration of Independence from Corporate Domination" for the 21st century.

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Kiki -- Something is happening, and it's gathering force.  It's positive, and hopeful.  According to people who know the theory of big change, 2014 is supposed to be the tipping point -- either we will tip over to people being more important than money, and go to a more democratic economy, or the rich win the war and money becomes permanently (for another hundred years) more important than people.  We need to work hard, but I think we can win.  Gar Aperovitz's book shows the way -- at least a beginning, and it will get refined as we go.  I think our invention will help too. 

At 09:26 PM 7/5/2013, you wrote:
Wow, what is going on around the world. Wrong leaning insanity is taking over? It sorta reminds me of Savonarola's bonfire of the vanities in Firenze and goodness only knows how many great things were burnt and lost forever. Are we headed back to the days of the crusades and the infamous Spanish Inquisition? Oh, never mind we are still stuck in that mind frame. i.e. switch the crusades with all the current wars and the Spanish Inquisition with Abu Garib, gitmo, water boarding and even though spying on the world is not a physical torture it is a rape of our and other countries rights.

On Jul 5, 2013, at 8:15 PM, Kim Cooper <> wrote:

> Well, Iceland is not gonna help after all.  They recently voted in a "center-right" government.  They voted not to consider the request before they go on summer break.  They reconvene in September.  And Russia is getting impatient....
> read about it here:
> --Kim

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